Is this kite flying for you?
Success is not obvious
Do you feel it all depends on you?
Two heads are better than one
Is there nothing new under the sun?
The issues of the day or do really something better?
Do you dare to stick out your neck?
Imagine realizing your goals!
This is


Kite Effect is a model and method for determining the optimal path toward a particular purpose, given certain means. It also makes it possible to find the quick wins and improvements, and to track and trace this to the result.

The model is unique in that it takes into account the five most important aspects of realizing a target. Both for the team and for you personally. Together, this results in a special effect. We call this the Kite Effect.

Kite Effect enables you to achieve your objectives smarter, more creative and with more involvement. As a result: a motivated team and a better operating income.


The model

The model consists of five key components that together are achieving goals in a better way:
1) Target: what is your desire, where do you want to go? (goal)
2) Morphic Effect: what is the picture of where you want to go? (photo)
3) State of Mind: how do you feel about it? (emotion)
4) Mastermind: with whom you can achieve that? (people)
5) Cause Effect: how are you going to realize this? (activities)



The method

The method and the program includes a workshop with the following steps:

1) Determine target
2) Brainstorm per quadrant
3) Choose the best solution per quadrant
4) Establishing the schedule of actions





The inspiration

The main ‘practical philosophers’:

– Eliyahu M. Goldratt and the goal: a process of ongoing improvement
– Rupert Sheldrake with his hypothesis of morphic resonance
– Nelson Mandela as an example of the power of State of Mind
– Napoleon Hill is the founder of the concept of Mastermind
– Henry Ford as a business philosopher in cause-effect improvements




The program consists of the following components:
– Intake with management
– Intake interviews with individual employees
– Workshop with the team

The duration of the program is one day. The individual intake interviews are in the morning. The workshop is in the afternoon. The program is supported by the model and the method Kite Effect.

The model and method can be used for different applications. Also for sub-goals, market research, product development, new staff, etc. You will notice that when you apply the model frequently, your thinking, creativity and insights will develop in a positive way and completing the model will go faster with the result: achieving your goals!

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Finally a clear program to achieve our goals, definitely a wow effect

Jan van Ekris – Van Ekris Winkels

Visually very strong, especially the human aspect is unique, relaxed atmosphere

Hans Gillis – Oxford Economics & Sofia Property Fund Limited

Very useful, very recognizable

Maureen van der Toolen – Ministry of the Internal Affairs

Very explanatory

Ed Lastdrager – a.i. Ministry of Justice

Visually very strong, especially the human aspect is unique, relaxed atmosphere

Fabiano Ferreira – Medical Director Oncology unit Oncosinos


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